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  • Profenid Gel (Ketoprofen ) drug Uses

    Profenid Gel

    Ketoprofen BP


    Profenid gel: Transparent, homogeneous colourless gel, containing Ketoprofen

    BP 2.5gper100g.

    Excipient : Carbomer, triethanolamine, lavender oil, 96% v/v ethanol, purified


    Pharmaco-therapeutic class



    Profenid gel is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug to be applied topically to the painful area. It is indicated in adults and children aged 15 or older as a short term treatment of mild traumatic lesions such as sprains, bruises, oedema.


    2 applications daily on the painful area to be treated. In all cases, strictly follow the Physician’s prescription.

    Method of administration

    Topical use.

    Apply to the painful or inflamed area. Ensure penetration by gentle and

    prolonged massage. Wash hands thoroughly after you apply the gel. Close the

    tube after use.

    When and how often should this drug be taken :

    2 applications daily.

    – In all cases you must follow the Physician’s Prescription Duration of treatment:

    -In all cases you must follow the Physician’s prescription.


    This drug should not be used in the following cases

    –  history of allergy to this drug or to a related drug, in particular other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin.

    – history of allergy to one of the excipients,

    –  lesion of the skin whatever the-lesion: weeping lesion, infected lesion, eczema, burn or wound.

    – starting from the 6th month of pregnany.

    – children under 15 years of age.

    In case of doubt you must consult your Physician or Pharmacist for advice.

    Special warnings

    – neither apply to the mucous membranes nor to eyes.

    – avoid application under occlusive dressing.

    – if ever skin rash occurs after gel application, immediately stop the treatment.

    – respect the instructions for use :

    – never apply a dose greater than that recommended (See “Dosage”).

    – do not apply to large areas of the body.

    –  keep to the frequency and duration  of treatment recommended by your Precautions

    –  it is recommended to the physiotherapist to wear gloves in case of intensive use of ketoprofen.

    –  avoid exposure to the sun and ultra violet rays during treatment and for a period of two weeks after the end of the treatment.

    – In case of doubt, you must consult your Physician or Pharmacist for advice.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    In case of pregnancy and lactation, you always have to ask your Physician for

    advice before the beginning of the treatment.

    By reference to the other routes of administration :

    –  Pregnancy : during the first five months of pregnancy, your Physician may decide to prescribe this drug for you if necessary. STARTING FROM THE 6TH MONTH OF PREGNANCY, YOU MUST UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE THIS DRUG OF YOUR OWN ACCORD, since its effects on your child may have serious consequences, from a renal and vascular standpoint in particular, and this even with one dose only and even when the baby is at term.

    Lactation : the non-steroidal anti-nflammatory drugs penetrate breastmilk. As a precaution it is not recommended to use them in lactating mothers.


    with other drugs and other forms of interactions

    –  In order to avoid possible interactions with other drugs you must inform your Physician or Pharmacist about any other current treatment.

    Adverse effects

    –  Like any active product, this drug may induce undesirable effects to a greater or lesser degree. The following may occur.

    –  exceptionally : Severe cutaneous reactions of bullous rash type liable to secondarily spread outside the application site, photosensibilization reaction (servere skin reactions during exposure to the sun or ultra violet rays); cutaneous allergic reactions; respiratory allergic reactions of asthma type; general allergic reactions. You must immediately stop the treatment and inform your Physician.

    localized cutaneous effects such as redness, itching, burn-like sensation.

    other general effects with non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs depending on the quantity of gel applied, the surface of the treated area and its condition, the duration of the treatment and the use of an occlusive dressing or not. Inform your Physician.


    In case of overdosage or accidental intoxication, immediately notify to a Physician.

    Pharmaceuticals precautions

    Respect the expiry date indicated on the outer packaging Special storage conditions: store below 25°C

    Package quantities

    Profenid gel: Box of 30g tube

    Do not use later than the date of expiry.

    Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

    To be dispensed only on the prescription of a registered physician.

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